Star Assurance Unveils Pokuaa - Virtual Assistant for instant insurance delivery.

SAC Press Office
Jan 2022
5 min read

Star Assurance Company Limited, one of Ghana’s leading insurance brands, has launched its innovative and best-in-class Whatsapp-enabled insurance distribution channel named POKUAA to create a smooth and seamless customer experience, for both existing and new customers.

‘Pokuaa,’ which is also SMS – enabled, responds quickly and effectively to each user’s specific needs – from requests for quotes, payments, delivery of policy documents and claims filing, all in real-time.

Speaking at the launch event, the CEO of Star Assurance, Mrs. Boatemaa Barfour-Awuah said the launch of Pokuaa is a natural consequence of the company’s continuous drive to deliver delightful experiences and value to its customers, brokers, and partners.

“Pokuaa remains active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that both customers and intermediaries can transact around the clock and in the comfort of their homes, offices and even cars,” she added.

She reiterated the company’s commitment to continue investing in digital tools to further enhance the customer experience by reducing even further the turnaround time of customers transacting using any of its distribution channels.

“To remain relevant in the face of the fast-changing expectations of our clients as well the current dynamic insurance market in Ghana, we will continue to innovate, sparing no effort and resource,” she concluded.

To initiate a transaction with Pokuaa, a client must send a Whatsapp message to 0242426160 or SMS to the *713*222# and they would immediately be able to get whatever insurance product or service they seek.